Ernst Seegers & Associates' code of ethics is to be the yardstick by which all other agencies are measured, our relentless devotion to the promotion of our crew and our super focused vision for the management of their career paths will be constant.

We would always endeavor to negotiate and promote the best opportunities for our crew, whilst providing an unsurpassed level of tailor made personal management to connect with our crew where they are at in their lives and then to collectively determine the best path forward whilst mapping out which stepping stones we would tread to achieve these very clear collectively predefined goals.

Our work ethic, relentless drive for first world class service, intuitive attention to the most minute of detail and our "it can always be better" mentality is what will always form the ethos of Ernst Seegers & Associates.

Ernst Seegers & Associates have spared no expense in the literal and philosophical context to make the dreams of our crew become a reality.

Our boundless energy, cutting edge technology, caring personal touch, first world mentality and effortless search for the ultimate of every sphere of our business, will never cease.

This is our promise to our crew.

Ernst Seegers and Associates do in return expect the same ethos to be applied by our crew in the process of performing the art.

  • The crew will always be professional in their professional as well as personal capacity, for the crew is a direct ambassador of Ernst Seegers & Associates.
  • Always lay your heart on the table with us as your management and agency; we need to know your hopes, fears, dreams and ambitions and your emotional & physical wellness is of paramount importance to us.
  • Always be prepared and professional for opportunities which Ernst Seegers & Associates makes available for you; we will do our very best for you and arm your with all the tools we can, but you also need to do your part.
  • Always care for your physical and emotional well being, perform and live your art everyday and never cease to be what you want to be and really are.
  • Spreading the good word of Ernst Seegers & Associates as your management agency, is as important for the promotions of your career as what our promotion of our crew are to the world; the one hand washes the other.