• | LATEST NEWS | Leani Van Niekerk (Leah) at the premiere of "As Jy Sing" |

    ESA’s very own blonde beauty, Leani van Niekerk (Leah) was accompanied by her prince charming, husband to be Hennie, to the premiere of the new Afrikaans feature film “As Jy Sing” Directed by André Odendaal with Leani Starring as the female lead opposite Bobby Van Jaarsveld, Bok van Blerk, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Katlego Maboe, Robbie Wessels, Hanna Grobler, Georic Lomas, Franja du Plessis, Chanell van den Bergh, San-Marié Nel, Tiaan Kelderman, Hendri Myburg, Solomon Cupido, and Naas Botha, last night in Pretoria.
    Leah looked breath taking in her couture mint gown and announced that she will release her very own hit single cd early next year. Watch this space for more news on Leani van Niekerk (Leah) up and coming wedding and red carpet events.

  • | LATEST NEWS | Jarrid Geduld nominated for Best Actor at 2013 SAIFTA awards |

    ESA recently flew up to Durban to accompany our talented Jarrid Geduld on the red carpet, who was nominated for BEST ACTOR at the SAIFTA AWARDS for his riveting performance as the lead “Ernie” in the hit feature “A Lucky Man” This was also the very first feature film to be released in segments on a social media site.
    Jarrid has also just been confirmed as the lead character “Blikkies” in the up and coming feature “Small Men” dir by Wesley Ferrera. Watch this space for soon to be released behind the scenes snap shots of Jarrid on set of his latest feature.

  • | LATEST NEWS | Greg Parvess's Armed Responce wins best SA film at 2013 Shnitt Film Festival |

    ESA’s Greg Parvess recently won the best SA Film at this year’s Shnit Film Festival for his very own mocumentary “Armed Response” which he co-wrote and also stars in. This mocumentary is about an inherited Cape Town based security company, that’s privately run and trying to balance the need to make money and the desire to make a difference in the country. Greg and his co writer Donovan Graham is in the process of finding the perfect person/ company to turn this popular award winning pilot into a six episode series.

  • | LATEST NEWS | Greg Parvess stars in "Harold" |

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  • | LATEST NEWS | 4 ESA actors star in two part film "Surayda and Faizle" |

    ESA is so proud to announce that 4 of our talented actors will be starring in the two part short film " Surayda and Faizle" dir by Marcelle Steyn. Jarrid Geduld who has recently been nominated as best actor at this years SAIFTA awards, will be playing the lead "Faizle" and gorgeous Reyjeane Haroun will be portraying "Surayda" the female lead.Reyjeane is spectacular in her role and her acting left fellow cast members breathless. We also have two supporting leads, highly versatile and talented Francois Coertze as "De Beers" and our fresh find, but not to be underestimated, Danielle Alheit as "Salome". This film is riveting, raw and tells the beautiful story of Surayda and her life with Faizle. The roles was quite challenging morally for the actors and it really took a lot out of them says the two leads Jarrid and Reyjeane. Thsi film will be entered into next years' Berlin Independent Film Festival and the Berlin International festival. We are very proud of our actors and we look forward to watching their beautiful work once the film is complete.

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