Parental Guidance

In this document, the following definitions apply:

  • “the Agency” means Seegers Bros Crewing Agency CC trading as Ernst Seegers & Associates
  • “the Talent” means an actor, actress, model, voice artist, author, entertainer, singer, sportsperson, a celebrity of any kind in relation to his or her profession, a person possessing a talent and/or of such circumstances that they are capable of being promoted to the public or used in promotions.

Ernst Seegers & Associates requires the consent of the guardian / parent of a child, who is a Talent or wishes to become a Talent, under the age of 18, before the Agency will represent him/her.

Parents must fully understand the demands that will be placed upon a Talent and approve the contractual terms between themselves and the Agency.  Please make an appointment with us should your child wish to become a Talent and we will gladly discuss the matter with you in depth.

Please take a minute to read the below warnings and recommendations relating to child Talents.

Schooling of child Talent

We do not recommend that a child's schooling be interrupted in order for a child to pursue a career as a model, actor, artist, etc.  Child Talents do not necessarily become adult Talents, for whatever reason.  We strongly recommend that child Talents only work (with parental consent) in the school holidays or at weekends until their education is completed.

Promises by dishonest brokers

The entertainment industry unfortunately has its share of people who take advantage of parents who are unaware of how the industry works in general.  It has come to our attention that persons are advertising their services as agents and for the cost of a portfolio, or registering the child with their agency, etc, promise parents that their child will have a career in the entertainment industry. 

Unfortunately, once thousands of rands have been paid by parents, these so called agents either disappear or do not actively promote the child as a Talent or do not manage the child’s interests in the best manner.  Please do your homework as a parent and phone reputable agencies and ask them what the standard practice is before spending money.

Appointments and assignments without parents present

The Agency does not hold appointments with child Talents without the presence of at least one of his or her parents present.  We also recommend that a parent be present at all assignments.

Professional Scouts

Please never meet anyone advising that they are either working for us or who allege that they are scouting on our behalf other than at our offices.  We do not use scouts who are not full time employees of the Agency, nor do we use any third parties to scout for us.

Eating disorders

We encourage child Talents to have a healthy attitude towards their bodies and appearance.  We do not believe in sacrificing a child’s self image and self confidence for the sake of the entertainment industry.  Please report any incidents where you believe that anyone in the industry is not living up to the aforesaid standards and we will immediately investigate the incident.

We would request that parents ensure that their child is maintaining a good, healthy, balanced diet as we only represent healthy children.  We will not represent child Talents with an eating disorder or who we have reason to believe has an unhealthy attitude towards their bodies unless they have sought counseling for their disorder/condition and then only on t